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FOR SALONI BOKHARI (1953 - 2017)
On the death of my younger cousin Saloni Bokhari, on 15 Dec. 2017.

It is not natural to bury

some-one you saw being born.


When I heard that Saloni died,

had it been unexpected, I would have cried.

She is now beyond my tears,

beyond the cruel fears

life-hungry cancer brings when it comes,

unannounced, uninvited.

If I was to describe her life,

in a word it would be: Courage.

It took courage to survive as the youngest

of four stronger siblings.

It took courage to be a devoted wife to Suleman,

a loving mother to Sehyr, Sumayra and Taimur,

and a caring friend to us all.


It took courage to put her party - the PTI,

before her own flesh and blood.

She celebrated when it was born.

It mourns today ather death.   

She gave her life and blood for it.

What blood remained, cancer took.


It took courage for her to look Death

In the eye, and unflinchingly

concede life, but not defeat.


Saloni had four mothers:  her own Jahanara,

then her elder sisters Ruhi, Juhi and Subohi.

They have lost that daughter, and we a friend.


Saloni, you will be loved, remembered,

spoken of, as poets do, of Spring,

of flowers, beauty, of the greenery

of your youth, your dimples,

your giggles, your tinkling laugh,                   

the happy remembrances your lifetime brings.


It is not natural

we should not be burying

some-one we saw being born.


15 Dec. 2017   

18 December 2017
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