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Why is God never where you want Him to be?

Why is God never where you want Him to be?
To others, He responds so speedily.
Yet, he answers my calls so tardily.
Does He ignore me deliberately?

I choose something from a menu of prayers.
I look at Him. He ignores my stares.
Friendship? Helpings, large or small?
Love? Not on the menu at all.
A crumb of comfort? Already brushed away.
Coffee? How long do you intend to stay?
A longer life? Cook says that takes time.
Oblivion? Best had before bedtime.

The maitre d' recommends a 30 day fast -
a tested antidote to gluttony past.
I'd go elsewhere, if there was somewhere else to eat -
even a takeaway, if I couldn't find a seat.

I wait, knowing that no sooner
than I have drawn my last breath,
a white-coated waiter will present me
with life's bill, computed by Death.

24 December 2018
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