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LAHORE CITY HERITAGE MUSEUM INAUGURATION, 25 February 2008 Governor Khalid Maqbool In 1864, a temporary building was constructed on the site where you are standing at present. According to the Gazetteer of 1883, ‘the building was hastily constructed for the Punjab Exhibition of 1864 and was not intended to be permanent.’ This temporary building became the home of the first major museum of Lahore, before becoming a municipal market. Today, a hundred and forty-four years later, that temporary building has been reborn as the Lahore City Heritage Museum, as part of a drive to preserve, protect and promote our historical heritage. That first exhibition in 1864 was a tribute to the arts, crafts, agricultural produce and industrial production found in our province. We are delighted to be able to put on display many of the items shown in that exhibition, including some of the original signs. Today’s exhibition is a counterpart tribute to the city of Lahore – a celebration of the contribution made by its citizens, artisans, craftsmen, planners, rulers and administrators. What you will see on the walls in these galleries is the sum of efforts made night and day by the staff of the Lahore Museum. Their dedication is a symbol of love that all Lahoris feel for their city. The best tribute that you yourself can pay is to visit this exhibition. Bring your family and friends. Donate whatever you think would enhance the database we are developing about the city. And remember that Lahore has survived History. It will surely outlive us. Let us ensure that 144 years from now, our descendants should have something comparable to celebrate.

25 February 2008
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